Cabo de Rede CAT7 Ethernet Vention 5m

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Cabo de Rede CAT7 Ethernet Vention 5m

Item Description:
1)CAT7 ETHERNET CABLE – Surf the net, stream video, music and other data at greater speed without worrying about cable mess
2)GIGABIT ETHERNET CABLE – Support bandwidth up to 600MHz & transmitting data at speeds of up to 10Gbps,connect to LAN/WAN segments and networking gear at maximum speed
3)HIGH SPEED ETHERNET CABLE WITH TWO RJ45 CONNECTORS ON EACH END – Compared to the Cat 6 network ethernet cable, the additional shielding and improved quality in twisting of the wires provides better protection from crosstalk, noise, and interference that can degrade the signal quality
4)STANDARD RJ45 LAN CABLE – Protect against EMI/RFI interference, accurate data transfer and reliability
5)RANGE OF APPLICATION – Perfect For Network Adapters, Hubs, Routers, DSL/Cable Modems, PS3, PS4, X-box, patch panels and other high performance networking applications

Flying Speed 10 Gigabit Transmission Cat7 Ethernet Cable

Perfect Gaming Experience

10 Gigabit Speed
Play large games, you can also maintain stable transmission speed, easy to deal with delayed offline problems

Slim and Comfortable Priority Selection
The flat body is 2.5mm only, suitable for hiding in narrow spaces such as carpets, door seams and corners. More convenient to integrate with the home environment.

Fast Surfing Speed
Data transmission speed up to 10Gbps

Soft Line Body
Environmental PVC material,soft and durable

High Speed Download

10 Gigabit Speed
10Gbps high speed transmission, faster download

Eight Core Twisted Pair Structure
Each two cores are twisted together to resist external electromagnetic interference and ensure transmission stability.

8P8C Pure Copper Contacts
8P8C pure copper contacts are connected in a single row to maintain good transmission stability

Aluminum-foil-Shielded Wire
Multi-protection provides less signal losses and higher speed transmission

Metal-Shielded Crystal Head
Similar to Steel Material
The head of the crystal head is made of material similar to steel and the outer layer is covered with metal gold-plated shield.

Wide Applicability
Perfect for devices with RJ45 connector such as set–top box switch hub ADSL,router MODEM etc.

Applicable Scene
Varied Length to Choose
0.5m to 20m optional, meet different network environments

Product Parameters
PE Bag

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